Who we are

Sector Labs is part of a group of companies operating some of the largest real estate portals in Asia. We provide products that are scalable, reliable and have high availability to be able to serve an area with a population of nearly half a billion people.

Our purpose is to help provide the technology for these high traffic websites as well as for the back-office operations including sales and marketing.

What's great at Sector Labs (from the keyboards of our colleagues):

“office location, equipment, pay, flexible working schedule (one that’s actually flexible), no bullshit, interesting stuff to work on” — Swen
“more than a monkey coding job, you have full autonomy, latest proven technologies, fertile ground for becoming a better professional”— Lorand
“for me it’s 90% the fact that you’re surrounded by smart, open minded people and if you mess up, people don’t ignore it and build passive-aggressive feelings towards you, but rather scold you on the spot and make you pay for your mistakes; also great coffee” — Alex
“passionate coworkers, dog in the courtyard that you can pet” — Bogdan